Frequently Asked Questions : Privacy


General Information

What is HIPAA?
How does HIPAA apply to the University of Miami?
What is personally identifiable information (PII)?
Does the HIPAA Privacy Rule create a conflict with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)?
Who is responsible for information privacy at the UM Miller School Of Medicine and UHealth?

Patient Rights

As a patient of the University of Miami, what rights do I have under HIPAA?
Is there a fee charged for copies of medical records?
How may I exercise my patient rights at the University of Miami?
Does the University of Miami have a process for patients to express concerns about their rights?
What must a patient do to correct the information in their medical records?
If a patient finds an error in their medical record, how is it amended?

About Health Information

What is individually identifiable health information?
What is protected health information (PHI)?
Which specific data elements are considered protected health information?
What is the difference between the privacy and security of health information?

Compliance & Regulations

Which federal agency is responsible for enforcing the HIPAA standards?
Are there penalties for failure to comply with HIPAA?
Where can I find the official HIPAA regulations and standards?
Does HIPAA pre-empt any State laws that protect the privacy of patient information?
What are the HIPAA compliance deadlines?
How long should University records be retained?