Coronavirus (COVID-19) Privacy Resource Center

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Privacy Resources

The University of Miami continues to take proactive measures to safeguard the health and safety of students, faculty, staff, and the larger community. For the latest COVID-19 University updates and information for students, employees, faculty and researchers, please visit the University of Miami’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response website.

For the latest communications and resources available to the University of Miami Health System/Miller School of Medicine, including clinical standard operating procedures for the coronavirus outbreak, please visit the health system’s internal site. These resources are being updated as conditions change. Please check them regularly.

As the University community works together to navigate rapidly changing guidance, it is imperative to keep privacy and confidentiality in mind. Federal privacy laws and regulations, such as HIPAA, still apply during this time. Below are some helpful resources.

Privacy & Security Considerations for Telecommuting & Remote Operations

As national, state and local guidance around COVID-19 continues to restrict gatherings and strengthen social distancing practices, the University is continually assessing its practices and adapting accordingly. In order to keep the University operational, temporary work-from-home arrangements are underway for those whose work can be performed at home. This guide is intended to serve as a resource for the University community at large.

HIPAA in an Emergency Situation: Sharing Patient Information

As the University of Miami Health System closely monitors the progression of the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), the Privacy Office would like to provide helpful information to ensure that health care providers and clinical staff are aware that the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules still apply during a public health emergency such as a disease outbreak. Any emergency situation puts pressure on medical personnel to share information quickly. In light of recent events, this guidance will serve as a helpful reminder as to how patient information can be shared in an emergency situation.

HHS Office for Civil Rights Guidance

During the COVID-19 public health emergency, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has released several bulletins and guidance to helps explain civil rights laws as well as how the HIPAA Privacy Rule allows patient information to be shared in the outbreak of infectious disease and to assist patients in receiving the care they need.